Behold... Marshall!!

(Designs below may be outdated)

Made by @rabiespup
Made by @rabiespup
Made by @accentaigu_tw
Made by @joepiez_


R: 149, G: 120, B: 90 | Hex: #95785A

R: 30, G: 29, B: 27 | Hex: #1E1D1B

R: 237, G: 225, B: 103 | Hex: #EDE167

R: 244, G: 225, B: 211 | Hex: #F4E1D3

R: 222, G: 97, B: 77 | Hex: #DE614D


Current design has antlers, paws/hooves for feet (up to your own choice), green tipped hair (maybe), and a spiked collar.
Marshall loves axolotls (specifically his boyfriend), food, and being a dumbass. He hates olives, meatloaf, his dad and dealing with technically-inept people (he would do awfully in tech support).
His hobbies include being lazy, coding nerd shit, eating and talking a lot to his boyfriend about anything and everything.